Create an Experience that Drives Loyalty and Repurchase

Fuel a consistent and differentiated customer journey with meaningful consumer insight

Medallia empowers the automotive, recreation, and powersports industries with meaningful and actionable insight from every employee and consumer interaction across the entire customer journey - from digital to physical.

With our industry leading experience platform, you’ll influence dealership performance to achieve an exceptional, consistent, and differentiated brand experience while fueling innovation and personalization to build loyalty and drive repurchase.

Fuel a consistent and differentiated customer journey with meaningful consumer insight

Influence Dealership Performance

Empower dealerships to improve customer and employee experiences

  • Identify development opportunities and increase employee engagement with continuous feedback capture.
  • Enable every employee to deliver customer centric superior service with actionable insight.
  • Improve their online reputation against local competitors with unified social feedback and management.

Create a Unified Experience

Achieve an exceptional, seamless, and consistent brand experience throughout the entire customer journey

  • Prioritize high-impact opportunities by eliminating physical and digital experience data silos.
  • Optimize call center operations and ensure customer service excellence.
  • Deliver timely and personalized engagements with real-time digital insights.

Build Brand Loyalty and Drive Repurchase

Fuel innovation and personalization that differentiates your brand and builds customer loyalty

  • Discover innovative opportunities to differentiate products and service with idea crowdsourcing and collaboration tools.
  • Detect early warning indicators regarding vehicle issues and performance from critical customer feedback.
  • Identify strategic opportunities for improvement with AI and ML-based analytics.
  • Power meaningful engagement at scale to increase cross-sell and retention opportunities.


Volvo Cars unifies and personalizes their consumer experience 

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